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Narfox builds games that bring joy to gamers of all ages and skills.

Narfox Studios is an independent video game studio and provides contract services such as commissioned art, programming, and game design. We excel at building small, high-quality indie titles in collaboration with other small studios, game engines, artists, and tooling developers. We make games that you can play with your family because we test them with ours.

Narfox is always looking for potential partners that share our passion for shipping tightly-scoped, polished titles. To understand the types of games we create, take a look at the products below.

Narfox Projects


WeeRPG is a 2D, action RPG with four-player local co-op. WeeRPG is currently in development and seeking a publishing partner.
WeeRPG Website


KosmoSquad is a twin-stick shooter with four-player local co-op. Players shoot an ever-increasing hoard of enemies and use points to level up their ships and take on harder difficulties.
KosmoSquad on Steam


Masteroid is an atmospheric, indie 2D space game with procedurally-generated sectors and casual, relaxed gameplay.
Masteroid on Steam Masteroid Website

The Incredible Baron

The Incredible Baron is a charming tower-defense game with strategic team choices, story-driven levels, and multiple difficulty levels.
The Incredible Baron on Steam

BattleCrypt Bombers

BattleCrypt bombers was completed in a single month as a game jam. It's a four-player arena combat game. Gather and throw bombs at other players but be careful - bombs can set off chain reactions that are dangerous to all players!
BattleCrypt Bombers on Itch

Narfox Team

Justin Johnson headshot

Justin Johnson

Justin has focused on software development, design, art, production, and marketing across multiple industries for over 10 years.

Kristy Johnson headshot

Kristy Johnson

Kristy is a traditional media artist and maker. Kristy manages commissioned and concept art and art production services.